From the moment we are born, we are conditioned to grasp and cling to desire, attaching our happiness to one dream after another.

This creates Samsara - an endless cycle of satiation and misery, which always leaves us chasing our desires.

There is a way beyond the rollercoaster of suffering

you CAN free yourself!

The teachings of the pathway to Liberation are available in this treasure trove of dharma talks, recorded live at Dharma Center in San Diego. Dive into the practice of Trikaya Buddhism at your own pace from the comfort of your home. You can discover Nirvana in the midst of Samsara!

Each talk within the Members Oasis contains gems of wisdom and practical tips designed for people who live and work in the world. Apply the teachings, explore the workings of your mind, and set yourself free!

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When you become a Dharma Center Member, you support our work to offer these precious teachings to the public through our live classes. This Members Oasis of Light is our gift to you. By incorporating the practice into your life, you become brighter, happier, and peaceful. In the process you begin to discover Samsara is Nirvana – and you become a gift for all beings in this world!

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mountain light

Dharma Center is a gem of Ocean Beach that has been offering public classes since 1998 because of gracious support from people like you.

Dharma Center offers affordable meditation classes to the public. Students learn how to live and work in the world through a variety of powerful meditation and mindfulness practices given by our team of teachers. In order to thank our Members, we have created this Oasis of Light. Within this portal, you can explore the teachings of Trikaya Buddhism at your own pace, wherever you are! 

Touching the Dharma, even just once, can enrich a person’s entire life, opening them to possibilities they never knew existed.

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Our meditation center continues to grow and expand with the help of the teachers who give their time to share their wisdom, and the student volunteers who enjoy selfless giving and participating in their community. All of this is made possible by the financial contributions of Members and Supporters which allow us to maintain a space to meet physically and online. As members and supporters together, we can take care of our community and continue to spread the gift of meditation and mindfulness for all who seek happiness and light.

The Higher You Go, the Broader the View

by R. Reynolds, member since 2009

“I am right smack in the middle of this challenge and I know I have choices. I’m changing regardless of how I feel about it. The benefit of this practice is that I can consciously choose which of the many paths available to me that I want to follow. That’s empowering. I am not a victim. I am not at the effect of the pre-programmed, reactive content of my mind to unexpected, undesirable life events. The higher you go up the mountain the broader the view. Being part of Dharma Center taught me that.”


by Hui R., member since 2007

"If you have seen the movie Dr. Strange, then you'll know what I mean when I say that Dharma Center is the Karma-taj. This spiritual sanctuary has allowed me to grow and ground my meditation practice from the very beginning 8 years ago, which for someone like me speaks highly to the quality of students (the sangha) and teachers teaching there. Dharma Center is for any level of practitioner and the teachers offer practical teachings that applies to everyday life. Having access to the recordings in the Member Oasis makes it even more convenient to study. You'll love it here!"